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Bone Conduction lollipop Wireless Connection Watermelon - Wireless Connection Watermelon / Multicolor


Customer Reviews

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Arwen Cantu

I loved how fast the shipping was and how it tasted, but I was sad how it lasyed not very long. It lasted 2 days. I was pretty sad about that. Other than that I loved it

Dear Arwen,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback about our product. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed the taste and the speedy shipping of the lollipop.

We also apologize for any inconvenience caused by its duration. We have informed in the production description that the current version of our lollipop is designed to last for approximately 60 minutes of continuous usage. We understand that this may not meet your expectations and would like to assure you that we are constantly working to improve our products.

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a new line of rechargeable and glow-in-the-dark lollipops soon. Hopefully these products will address the issues you have raised and provide you with a better experience.

Thank you again for your purchase and for sharing your experience with us.

Best Regards,
Lollitune Team

Thoroughly impressed!

What a delightful sucker! This is perfect for quiet evenings in the house. After having sore ears from ill-fitting earphones, this really is a breath of fresh air

Exactly as hoped!

Wonderful flavor, very good sound! Battery life is as promised. Was just a bit confused because the instruction manual says that there’s an included usb cable to recharge the lollitune but there wasn’t one? It would be awesome if they are rechargeable!

Hey Keenwa,

We appreciate your helpful review! Currently, Lollitune has launched Standard Built-in MP3 and Wireless (BT)versions, we plan to have Rechargeable & Glow with built-in MP3 in stock later on. So that's why there are three versions of the use guide in the current Instructions Manual. As you desired, our tech team is working on the upgraded versions, hopefully, it will be coming soon. And please follow us to get the updates.

Lollitune Team