About Us


Imagine integrating yummy candy and advanced sound tech together? 

Lollitune made it happen! 


Currently Lollitune is the world leading audio lollipop brand and supplier. Our unique lollipop is inspired by Bone Conduction Technology, which lets you hear sound inside of your brain as vibrations coming through the bones.

We are inspired by sound, driven by sweetness! Lollitune’s central tech team is a group of telecommunication technicians who have been specialists in the audio guide industry for over 10 years. We have applied for several patents connected to this product. 

Lollitune is committed to the integration of innovation and technology into life, to bring clients a more intelligent and convenient way to live. Lollitune cares deeply about social responsibility and will work with United Nations’ affiliated non-profit organizations to explore more effective products for people with hearing loss.