You might never have considered the benefits of having a lollipop that can speak to you or play music. But there are plenty:


A new way to play tunes

Imagine listening to songs or spoken word content on your Bluetooth devices.


Corporate gift

Tell and sell the story of your brand through branding on the packaging and a customized sweet, and through the audio content you want saved on Lollitune’s chip.


A tour guide in a lollipop

Give your museum or other tourist attraction a new, innovative and totally tasty way to tell visitors about your attraction. Using their Bluetooth-enabled devices, customers can scan a QR code to access your museum’s app, then using GPS location tracking can be told about items in the museum through their lollipop when they’re in the vicinity. Lollitune uses AI to let the holder listen to audio explanations of museum exhibits while enjoying the lolly


Ideal for festivals

Promote a forthcoming festival with a Lollitune that plays clips of featured acts at the event. Then sell Lollitune at your event to give festival-goers the tastiest ever way to receive information about what’s on and where at your event.


IP cooperation

Lollitune lets influencers, celebrities, singers, artists etc, offer followers an unique product with the wow factor that will attract and engage interest across all social media channels.


A gift for special occasions
Celebrate landmark events with Lollitune. We provide a variety of versions for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.



Totally customizable that’s Lollitune

Lollitune gives you ways to make these innovative candies uniquely yours


Pre-record content and store on the chip in Lollitune. Or use the Bluetooth version to enable users to hear content from their Bluetooth devices through the lollipop.

The stick

Customize the color and patterns on the stick.


Get your brand name all over the packaging of this most innovative of candies. Lollitune comes in recyclable containers which can carry your logo.

Candy color

Get your brand colors all over the candy in your lollipop

Candy flavor

Choose from hundreds of flavors to suit the tastes of your customers. We even provide flavor samples to help you decide.

Candy shape

Customize the shape of your candy to suit your needs.